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March Newsletter

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Howdy Everyone,

Will its been a couple months since my last newsletter. As y'all know Jan was the beginning of Taxes season and it was also the 30 painting in 30 day challenge with Leslis Sates.

Well because I did not keep up with my tax papers last year I had a hold year to enter into my computer. Bad girl... I don't know what happen but let's blame it on the move to Texas. ha ha
 I had to enter every receipt, miles, hotels, sales, taxes paid or not paid on art work, donations, etc. plus I went and sign up for the 30 painting in 30 day challenge as well.
Again Bad girl... 

I only got to paint and draw 20 painting in 20 days. I just could not keep up. Bad-Bad girl... But I believe she will be  holding other 30 day challenge again in Sept and I will be there to sign up once again. 

But I am happy 
to say that as of med Feb my part is done with the taxes and I have past the paperwork on to my hubby so that he can do his part now. (All he has to do is add up the mileage for me) 

Now that I have gotten that done I can now concentrate on getting  back to work.

One of the thing that I do at night to relax after hitting the keys all day is, I started creating ornaments again.

 This time I am making large and medium sizes of map ornaments 

along with the popular Large Hymnals Ornaments.   

I did hit the outside world to do some Plein Air with a new box of oils.
My first try was sitting in my driveway looking a cross the street into neighbor back yard and over the creek into the farmer fields and seeing his silo.

Will I set up and started to paint when the wind kick in and I had to stop. The next day I was right back at it again.

I can tell you that I do not like the smell nor the drying time of oils. But everyone said that oils are best to Plein Air with and if I want to be the best. I guess I better get use to oils again. 

Well the next month (Feb) I slip out of the house to go and paint up at the old Waxahachie Cemetery. I know, some of y'all are a little cheeped out about painting at a Cemetery. I wanted to go paint outdoors but I was not to sure of my self with plein air and I just did not want to be around anyone at that time.

So I drove on over and park up in the old section of the cemetery to paint. 

Will I must say that the painting did not turn out, I was unsure of my self (with this idea of switching from acrylic to oils has me un-nerved) and I was frustrated with it all. So I headed home. 

That weekend hubby takes me for a drive and we wind up at a Bass Pro Shop so that he could buy me a hunting chair that I can sit in at a almost standing position. 
I can know longer stand for long period of a time due to my back and this chair also helps keeps the pressure off my knees when sitting down.(Have a had time standing up after sitting to long.) What I like about this chair is that it turns all the way around so now I can walk away from my work to see how it's coming along. YEA!!!!

Will about a week or so later my son Nathaniel need to go register at Navarro Collage.Easier said than done. 
We must have spent four hours in the rain driving around trying to find that place. But I did fine an rock built church about a block for SAG University that is for sale and I want to try and paint it.

The next day we go out again and this time we find Navarro Collage and Nathaniel starts taking some test but dose not finish. So the next day we have to go back for him to finish testing.
 While he's doing that I took the opportunity to go back to the  church to paint. 
Again it was a disaster! The only good thing about the set up is that my chair works great.

After the test was over we came home, I clean up my Plein Air supplies and repack it. Next time I go out I am bring my acrylic.  Maybe they dry out fast outside but at lease I know how to work with them and I can work around the drying time better than I can oils. 

So the following week I went into my studio to paint. (it is rain heavy out here right now) and this is a Acrylic painting on a 8"x 10" canvas panel call Three Old Pots.

I have also gone back to my embroidery as you can see here. 

This is a close up of my work. 

I will be adding dish towels and pillow cases to my website soon. 
Plus I will also be selling embroider eggs. 


I will be embroider chicken, duck, goose, Ostrich eggs. Some will have painting with embroidery or just embroidery. 

Plus I will be adding a new product. I will be using plastic eggs to create old vintage paper decoupage with little something extras to it
With these unique eggs you can display batches of them under glass cloches and hurricane vases on dinner tables or in bowls around the house all year around. 

Will post these on the next news letter.  




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I have change out my work.  They now have my Bluebonnets paintings and Spring time art work. 


                         The Vault Smokehouse 
I have great news and sad news. 

The great news is The Vault Smokehouse has move to a new location at the Red Barn in Waxahachie. 

Their address is 
305 West Madison St 
Waxahachie, Tx. 

 The sad news is I will know longer be placing my work at the Vault due to lack of space. But that OK, I am just glad they are closer to home now and I wish them the best of luck and blessing on them.   


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