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Sept. Newsletter

Welcome to J.D. Fields Newsletter. 

I am creating this newsletter to shares my life journey with my dyslexia, art, family and friends. I pray that my clumsy words and bad spelling will bring you humor, comfort, understanding about dyslexia and the steps that I have and are going though and where I am going in the art world. But most of all I want y'all to take from this newsletter a life filled with inspiration and love.

A BIG Howdy from Northern Texas. 

WOW!!! Can you believe it's, September already and the kiddos are back in school. 

 Where has the time gone. 


Now it is with a heave heart that I place this in my newsletter to let y'all know that my brother Robert has past way on Friday August 07, 2015 at 1:50 am of dementia at a tender age of 55 years old.    
You will surly be miss brother but until I see you in heaven...  I will keep moving on in life. 

Will since my last newsletter I had have been very busy in my art and getting things ready for my brothers funeral which is in November now. 

 In July I was ask to do a banner for a group of pastors that minister in the Ellis County Community. 
I was given this black and white pic of their logo. 
I took the banner and prep it, place it in my studio, but as I sat at my painting table looking at this banner I knew in my heart I could not paint it black and white. 

What is an artist to do? 

Will I took a chance and started to add color.    

1. Gray symbolize the cold city buildings 
2. White symbolize the purity of God and His church
3. Red is for the Blood that was shed at Calvary 
4.Blue can also symbolize the city skies 
5. Purple symbolize Gods and the royalty of the church 
6. Light Green symbolize nature new birth
7. Brown symbolize the ground in which we build on 
8. Black symbolize a holding together 
9. The circle symbolize the Shalom of God - nothing missing, nothing broken. Completion!    

You might notice that I did not add the words Waxahachie Texas to the banner. I felt that if the pastors what to take this banner to other community it would be best to leave off the name.  
Oh by the way I painted this banner on a painters tarp. 
Note: When I handed over the banner to the church at the end of July, everyone loves it.
I have a feeling this banner is going to get a lot of use with all the events that they have plan.


Do you remember these painting? 
These where the Plein Air painting that I did at the "Paint Historic Waxahachie" Event.

Will after my brother death I went to my studio and made some little corrections that I was not happy with. You see my eyes don't like sunlight or any bright light. It hurts... I am told that this can make it hard for me to become a Plein Air artist or then again may be not?

This is a 4"x 12" Box Canvas painting of a red barn tuck away in some tall trees on Old Maypearl Road, Waxachachie, Tx. 
 I painted this one for fun since the last newsletter.

SOLD ~ Pop's lovely 1963 Ford Falcon Car (c)

SOLD~1953-54 Chevy Flat Bed Truck (c)

SOLD~Chevy Cab Over Truck-2 (c)

These painting are the proud owner of Pop's Burger Stand in Waxahachie,Texas. 
The 1963 Ford Falcon Car belongs to pop that I painted in my studio and sold not just one but all three painting to him. 

What came next was a big surprise to me. He ask me if I would consider painting a mural of a 50's style burger stand with car hops for him. Well I never painted a mural in my life and I told him so. He in turn told me that all it is, is just a big canvas... Ok you got me. 
So I went home and started doing my homework. A couple of weeks later I submitted some pic's for an idea. He submitted some pic's back... A couple more weeks go by and my son and I go to Pop's. Now I must say my knees where knotting but I did not show it. (I hope) I lay out some more pic's and a contract for him to go over. And again to my surprise pop tell me and my son that he as talk to a few other mural artist this year and that I was the most professional and business minded artist that he has met. I presented my self well and I got the job.        
I'am doing the happy dance.

Now let's see if I can pull this off. 

 Just a few days ago I get a phone call from a lady who belongs to an Art Assoc in Ellis County and ask if I do art demo's? 
Will I was taken back for a moment because know one ready knows me in the art world out here. 
I told her yes I can do a demo for her group. We talk and I am  now set up for April 2016.
Now you might be wondering how did she find me or knew that I did art demo's? Well it turns out that when I did the Plein Air "Paint Historic Waxahachie" event, all artist where place in a nice book with all our info and website with a pic. She told me that she and other lady check out my site and took a chance and call and ask. 


Here you will find all the place that my artwork will be at.

My art work is on display at...
Finewood Carvings 
7121 N HI 35-E
Waxahachie, Texas

Admission free


Sept 1-Oct 31,2015 new Gallery Art Show call Ellis County  

Lighthouse Gallery/Coffee shop

1404 N. 9th Street


Now Open at 8:am Monday - Friday

8:am-3:pm Mon | 8:am-9:pm Tue-Fri | 9:am-9:pm Sat

DATE: April - May 2015 

Admission free


"The Vault" 
1290 East Gate Road 
A brand new Smokehouse Restaurant in 


Yummmm,Yummmm Best Smokehouse in North 


And where I have my art work for sale. 

Admission free



The Waxahachie Downtown Merchants Association will be hosting an event on Saturday October 3rd call VINTAGE TRAILERS. This event will be on the square.  
Plein Air artist are invited to set up our easels and capture these adorable trailers on canvas of paper. So if you live in the area came on down and enjoy some nostalgia and say howdy for I will be on the square painting. 

Admission free


If you would like a portrait of your pet either on canvas, ornament or an egg like a Chicken, Duck, Goose, or  Ostrich than message me or email me at 

This would be a great time to place that Christmas order in earlier. 
~SOLD~ This is a 8"x 10" Paper Canvas 

This is a 11" x 14" Canvas 

Pet Ornaments

Chicken Egg 

Goose Egg
I also create Christmas 
Ornament as well.

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament made from a 
Goose Egg 


Also I have place my son writing pen on my web site . So come on over and check them out. 

I am deeply grateful for your support, comments and business and a huge thanks to all of those who have recently purchased my paintings and ornaments. It means a lot to me.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read the newsletter.

Do you have a wall that needs to be filled or perhaps replaced with an image that inspires you? Or a memory you would like captured? 

Than I would love to talk to you about doing a commission painting for you.   

And thank you for your support, your love of art and for letting me sharing my journey with you.

If you have friends who would be interested in my work, please forward this e-newsletter on to them.


If you wish to unsubscribe from this newsletter, e-mail me at and place in the subject line unsubscribe "Delete" and I will take you off the list. 

That's all you have to do. 

Thank you.


Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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