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My July Newsletter

                          Welcome to J.D.Fields Newsletter. 

I am creating this newsletter to shares my life journey with my dyslexia, art, family and friends. I pray that my clumsy words and bad spelling will bring you humor, comfort, understanding about dyslexia and the steps that I have and are going though and where I am going in the art world. But most of all I want y'all to take from this newsletter a life filled with inspiration and love. 


                                     A BIG Howdy from Northern Texas. 

Happy 4th of July y'all. 
May your 4th be a bless and safe. 

Since my last newsletter  I had sign up for the Plein Air Painting Waxahachie. I had a blasts being a part of this event. I got to paint in Maypearl and Waxahachie but I must confess, it had been a while since I Plein Air so my first day I forgot my back pack with half of my Plein Air supplies. 
But I chose to make the best of it and had fun. 
We had so much rain and flooding that month and I found it a little hard to paint. And if it was not rain than it was hot and wind. So most of my time painting was from inside my car.

I am going to post just some of my Plein Air paintings. 

This is a 8"x 10" Acrylic Plein Air Painting on Canvas board of the Busy Bee Cafe in Maypeal,Texas
The same Maypearl that I forgot half of my gear... (*u*) 
This is a 8"x 10" Acrylic Plein Air Painting on canvas board  of a barn with hay 
rolls at the Getzendaner park in Waxahachie. 

That same day some of us artist went to the old Historical Cemetery in Waxahachie to paint.  As you can see here I start to paint this lovely old arch but with the hot sun and high winds (other storm was coming in) I had to move inside my car and was not able to paint the arch.  

So I move the car down a ways and painted The Harris tombstone instead.
11"x 14" Acrylic Plein Air painting on Masonite Board   

11"x 14" Acrylic Plein Air painting on Masonite Board

 The next day after the rain I went back to paint the thistles at a tombstone from the med 1800's ...

And I found part of the old Historical Cemetery flood. As you can see here in this photo.

3- Greek Jars is an 11"x 14" Acrylic Plein Air painting on Masonite Board

On the event week of Paint Waxahachie the rain had easy up and the artist got to go downtown to paint, I had decided that I did not want to paint old building and house like the rest of the artist but I wanted to paint something different. So I went and look for thing in folks yards to paint. This is some of them...

Potted Flowers #1 is a 4"x 4" Acrylic Plein Air painting on Masonite Board

There are two pots that sat in front of someone driveway that I see just about every day when I drive by.

Potted Flowers #2 

Kassy Klutter is a 4"x 12" Acrylic Plein Air painting on Masonite Board

On the last day I went down town and found this lovely old build that is use as a antiques shop. One of the artist recognize the build and told me that it was use as a dry cleaner shop for years but did not know what it was use for before that. I wonder???

This is #3 Mission San Antonio on 8"x 10" Acrylic painting on Stretch Canvas 
After the event I went back to painting in the studio to continue my painting of all of Californian 21 Missions.
This is Junipero Serra Museum in Presidio Park in San Diego, Ca. on 8"x 10" Acrylic painting on Stretch Canvas 

This is where the first mission was place but had to move for more water. 

I saw a post from Tom Brown and I thought this was a great idea… 

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I am deeply grateful for your support, comments and business and a huge thanks to all of those who have recently purchased my paintings and ornaments. It means a lot to me.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read the newsletter.

Do you have a wall that needs to be filled or perhaps replaced with an image that inspires you? Or a memory you would like captured? 

Than I would love to talk to you about doing a commission painting for you.   

And thank you for your support, your love of art and for letting me sharing my journey with you.

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Thank you.


Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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